Compare and contrast essays are compositions of multiple paragraphs and explain the way in which two or more subjects are same or different. Here compare means explaining the similarities between the subjects. When you contrast two things, you explain the ways in which they are different. helps the student to provide best essay writing services in the world. This essay writing service also provides proficient essay writers with doctorate degrees. The purpose of compare and contrast essays is to scrutinize the similarities and the differences of two distinguishable subjects. It uses these points to make an argument which is meaningful. You need to learn and practice some points which will help you to write an impeccable compare-and-contrast essay. They are as follows:

  1. Find two subjects to compare and contrast: This is the first step to writing a successful compare-and-contrast essay. You can choose the topics which fall into the same category but they have differences in some way. You can also pick two subjects which do not have anything in common. You can also pick the subjects which seem to be the same but are different.
  2. Subjects should be discussed meaningfully: A great compare-and-contrast essay always helps the readers to understand why the essay is interesting to put the two subjects together.
  3. Brainstorming the topic: Take time to brainstorm about your chosen subjects, whether they are similar or different. This will help you to see which points are the ones you can focus on or guide in formulating your essay or thesis. A Venn diagram will be useful to sort the information. Venn diagram is formed by overlapping two circles that compare two different subjects. Each circle will represent one subject.
  4. Consider main points: Providing a list of all the ways in which subjects can be similar or different in your essay. Choose few points that are important and you can compare-and-contrast them into your essay.
  5. Decide the structure of your essay: There are many ways to organize a compare-and-contrast essay. Subject by subject essay deals with all the points about both the topics. Point by point organization switches between points. The only advantages are that it is very clear. First compare and then contrast, this organization provides all the comparisons which have to be compared first and then contrasted.
  6. Organize your essay: You need to organize your essay with Introduction, body paragraphs, acknowledgment of arguments and conclusion.
  7. Outline: Outline the body paragraphs on the basis of subject-to-subject comparison. This organization method is very cumbersome and if you will choose it, your paragraphs will become the long lists of points on each subject. It will include an introduction, four body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  8. Organize all the individual body paragraphs: After choosing an organizational method for the body paragraphs, you will need to have an internal organization for each of the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph will contain the elements like topic sentences, body, and the conclusion.
  9. Put all the information together: Use the brainstorming ideas to fill the outline and use simple ideas to fill the evidence in your arguments. Always remember to explain the purpose of your essay. Write a good essay and then review it.

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