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“Statistics” has been derived form a Latin word ‘Status’ which means a group of numbers that represent some information of our human interest. Statistics is the science and practice of developing knowledge by using numerical data. Statistics is usually considered a distinct mathematical science rather than a branch of mathematics. Earlier only kings used to use statistics for collecting data pertaining to their people, their number, revenue of the states, etc. But now-a-days due to its infusing nature, its scope has widened. There are five stages of investigation when it comes to statistics i.e. collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data. It provides with the tools for forecasting and predictions through use of data and statistical tools and techniques. Statistics can be extensively applied to technology, business, psychology, engineering, chemistry, etc. The word statistics has different meaning in: –

  1. Plural sense: – In this sense, statistics refers to numerical fact sand figures collected in an organised way with a clear purpose in any field of study.
  2. Singular sense: – In singular sense, it refers to science comprising methods which are used in collection, interpretation, analysis, presentation of numerical data.
  3. Plural of the word ‘statistic’: – plural word of ‘statistic’ is statistics which means numerical quantity like mean, median, mode, variance, etc., calculated from the data collected.

At times there is lot of data and students get lost in them. There is application of many statistical tools and techniques in one problem that students often found scratching their head. Lack of planning and poor time management also create trouble for students. Lack of interest in the topic and no clarity of the topic also make statistics homework challenging. Many a time chapters are interconnected and if students miss one topic, they are found struggling with others as well. Few students struggle with interpreting data and analyzing the result. Also, piling up of work results in incomplete or no submission of work.
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