Students are often asked to write essays in their school or college time about the topics which they may or may not know much about. They find it tough and difficult to find the appropriate words that they can use in their essay. They try very hard to build an essay with anything and make it appear is here to help you with quality essay writing services. These best writing services will prove to be beneficial to you. This service also provides best essay writers in the industry. There are some tactics which can guide you to make your essay appear longer than it is:

  1. Your essay should not be devoid of quality. Remember that quality will always surpass quantity. It is best if you write a short and focused essay but it should be excellent. It should not be filled with the nuisance. Be sensible enough to try the methods involved in making your essay appear longer than it is.
  2. It is not really advisable that you use all the steps that are written below. You will fail at your attempt and it will seem obvious that you have only tried to do the blatant padding to your essay.
  3. If your essay seems to be much longer than it should be, you need to remove some of the steps from it or you have the problem that you write too much, you should check that you haven’t done any things which are jotted here.
  4. Remember that whatever you write, your teacher or professor is able to read it. You can also try to change the font size or add margins, but if you try these things in a college or a university, you are most likely to get bad grades or even fail.
  5. You can format the heading of the essay. You should add your name, date, the name of the assignment, class and your teacher’s name at the up right corner of the sheet. Give each of these elements their own line.
  6. You can also format the title of your essay. Once the title has been chosen, you need to write it at the top of your page. You can even choose a font size which is big and you can even make it bold and underlined. A long title should be a break from the middle so that instead of taking two lines, it takes one.
  7. Make sure that you use line breaks. This can be done after you have given the heading, after giving the title and between each of the paragraphs.
  8. Pay proper attention to the font and the font size. It is advisable to use Times New Roman font and make it 12 pt.
  9. Also, pay attention to line spacing. You can always customize the line spacing according to your choice.
  10. Choose the margins of the paper and do not let it be obvious. These margins are usually the ones that can be easily manipulated.
  11. After that you have typed your paper, you can bold the important word or phrases that you have used. Highlight only some of the text to a particular point and do not let it be more obvious.
  12. Make sure that you have used footers and do not use any contractions. You also should keep in mind to use minimal pronouns. You can also use a lot of quotations in your content.
  13. Draw out the conclusions which are not only limited to one paragraph. It will depend on the length of your next paper.

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