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Assignment writing is the task that is assigned at both school and college level. While writing the assignments, students should follow the ‘star’ mnemonic. It basically stands for structure, tone, audience, and relevance. It is a guideline which is advantageous for the students who are planning any type of assignment writing. The objective of the assignment is to assist the reader in understanding and following up the relevant ideas. Students should focus on those points with which they want to get across and espouse a definite narrative structure. Universities generally allot the guidelines which encircle the structure of the work. It is important to make the tone of the situation very appropriate. It is important to check the guidelines of the assignment. While doing the assignments, it is important that the pupils know who the audience is. The audience of the assignments is generally the teacher that will assess them. However, in some universities, students are directed towards a specific audience in the assignment task. The pupils are expected to evaluate the content of the assignment for their own relevance. It may sound interesting to the students. But students should make sure that they only focus on the points which are convenient.
Completing assignments is a very tough task that the pupils have to do these days. They tend to come across a lot of issues while working on them. There are many students who do not which mnemonic they should follow. Some of them do not know the proper structure of the assignments. Also, there are many pupils who do not understand the type of the assignment, while some of them are unaware of the data that should be included in the work. Some pupils do not know how to write the assignments in a formal lexis and they make use of slangs.
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